Everything I Thought I’d Never Write About Kanye West…

Kanye West is one of the most reckless, talented and dynamic people on the planet. A man with millions of fans worldwide. And I'm not one of them. Or at least, I wasn't. Pressing play on Kanye West's Graduation, my friend looked up and said, "This is the first album I ever bought with my own money." "You... Continue Reading →


The Post I Thought I’d Never Write: Harry Styles Dropped His Album And It’s Freaking Awesome

Let's get one thing straight. I don't like Harry Styles. Sure, I respect him as an artist, but his 'style' (forgive me) just isn't my thing. His album release came and went and I totally ignored it. Judging him before it hit the air, I tossed the new album into my mental trash file and... Continue Reading →

Lianne La Havas: Our New Soul Obsession

The atmosphere is electric, the crowd positively sparkling with the intoxicating excitement which absorbs Coldplay fans on the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour. I'll admit, impatience drums against my ribs as a support act (La Havas) is all that stands between me and four of my favourite musicians. La Havas walks out, radiantly smiling, strumming a... Continue Reading →

What’s your ultimate study playlist?

You sit down to study. You open your books, write for a minute and then open your laptop. Two hours and six youtube videos featuring cartoon potatoes later, you realise you've accomplished nothing except an appetite for carbs... Well, maybe you don't procrastinate to the, erm, extreme that I do, but everybody finds it a... Continue Reading →

Boy and Bear: Limit of Love

Limit of Love is understated, yet memorable. The album is a collision of mellow tunes and a mess of vibrant tones; an innovative fusion of folk and rock. This is the third studio album the Australian band has produced, but it seems like they're more experienced. Hosking's vocals glide over the smooth guitar and synth tones.... Continue Reading →


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