Indie/Folk Artist Rachel Caddy Talks Her Sparkling First Single: Blue Sky Soda Stream

Do you ever have those unprecedented moments of indestructible joy? When dizzying happiness speeds through your veins like adrenaline and you can't quite explain it? ¬†Even though these moments are few and far between, Victorian Indie/Folk artist Rachel Caddy has captured their essence in her very first single; 'Blue Sky Soda Stream'. With a distinctive... Continue Reading →


Introducing Charm of Finches – An Incredible Dream Folk Duo From Melbourne

If you've been to a Folk/Celtic festival in Victoria this year, chances are you've already heard the utterly sublime harmonies that define Charm of Finches. The Melbourne based sister duo, Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, don't simply make music - they craft it. With a folk flavour reminiscent of First Aid Kit, the girls use their gorgeous vocal... Continue Reading →

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