Let’s Talk Melodrama

Here it is. Melodrama. It’s a cathartic patchwork of sound, an intoxicating mix of styles blended into something unique and extraordinary and quintessentially Lorde. If adolescence was an album, this would be it.

Melodrama is so many things at once; a snapshot of a house party, a candid portrayal of self acceptance – and let’s face it, a collection of some straight up awesome music. It has all the suspense that an album entitled Melodrama requires; in the lyrics, the emotion, the synth and in the vocals themselves. This record is unapologetically and unabashedly alive.

Just like Pure Heroine, the lyrics are pretty damn brilliant. Amongst the layers of insight and imagery are sprinkles of humour, those sardonic quips which the now 20 year old Ella Yelich-O’Connor executes so very well…

‘They’ll hang us in the Louvre/Down the back, but who cares—still the Louvre.’ 

Only Lorde could explore emotion with depth and vigour, yet infuse the entire album with a subtle irony and the occasional cheeky falsetto. Add her low-toned rasp, layered harmonies and the pull of those idiosyncratic beats, and you have something remarkable.

Can you tell I’m a fan?

Check it out for yourself; and if you can, avoid putting it on shuffle. Go on that melodramatic, extraordinary ride and come out feeling perhaps a little nostalgic, yet unprecedentedly content.







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