The Post I Thought I’d Never Write: Harry Styles Dropped His Album And It’s Freaking Awesome

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like Harry Styles. Sure, I respect him as an artist, but his ‘style’ (forgive me) just isn’t my thing. His album release came and went and I totally ignored it. Judging him before it hit the air, I tossed the new album into my mental trasHarryStylesh file and refused to listen.

Until this morning, when ‘Kiwi’ and ‘From the Dining Table’ slunk their way into a Spotify playlist and I became an unwitting listener. Through the dirty riffs of the former, to the melancholy tones of the latter, I found myself wondering, who is this artist? This is some really good stuff. Reaching for my phone, I felt excited. This was definitely good enough to blog about, to feature, or to simply recommend – but who exactly was I endorsing? With high expectations, I glanced at my freshly illuminated lock screen. And shuddered. Harry Styles!?

Let me tell you, from the chrysalis has emerged one pretty damn beautiful butterfly.
Trust me ok? Give Harry Styles a listen just once and you’ll find yourself on an adventure commanded by an artist who’s experienced real growth. It’s different, vibrant and let’s be honest, pretty steamy at points. Don’t be deterred by the word ‘pop’. Despite the genre, elements of rock and alternative pepper the entire record, and there are echoes of José González and Elton John.
So kudos to you Harry Styles. Keep surprising us – and keep doing your own thing.


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