The Best-Kept Secret In Modern Rock

Far. Out

A few weeks ago, I was elbow deep in dirty dishes, chatting to a co-worker about music (what me? never!) and I asked him about his favourite band. He glanced at me and I could tell what he was thinking; I wouldn’t have a clue. Naturally, I raised an eyebrow and told him to try me anyway.  

His reply was ‘Alter Bridge.’ And no. I didn’t have a clue. 

A few hours later, my shift ends and I decide to look up this band I’ve never heard of. From the first few bars of ‘Show Me A Leader,’ I’m totally hooked. Where has this group been hiding??

From the stunning vocals of Myles Kennedy, to the immeasurable talent of Mark Tremonti (guitarist and vocalist), this band is incredible. Alter Bridge is capable of producing beautiful melodies (such as my favourite ‘Watch Over You’) and heavy rock like ‘Metalingus’ – and making both styles work really damn well.

There’s never been a better time to listen to their latest album; The Last Hero. Released in 2016, it’s an articulate reflection upon leaders in all their forms. It also pays tribute to heroes of the past; reminding us that the premise of the ‘hero’ extends far beyond the realm of politics. This album is inspirational, powerful and so, so relevant. 

Just in case you’re unconvinced, let’s talk about Myles Kennedy. Not only is he an extraordinary guitarist, but I’m going to be bold and say he’s one of the best vocalists of the early twenty-first century. It’s the mark of an amazing artist when everything is stripped back and there is just a man, sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar,  rendering a stadium silent. Pure magic.

If you haven’t heard of Alter Bridge, start with the playlist attached to this post, then explore further as your addiction ensues. As for Myles Kennedy, see if you like this. 

Far. Out



2 thoughts on “The Best-Kept Secret In Modern Rock

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  1. Thank you Kat!!!!! Your expression of appreciation for your newfound musical heroes (the ones that have been my heroes for a few years) is inspirational and highly appreciated. You have certainly found a gem, one of the very few that exists in music today. Thank You again so much for your kind words! Word of mouth will bring them into the light a little more with each new fan. Rock on Alter Bridge!!

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