Lianne La Havas: Our New Soul Obsession

The atmosphere is electric, the crowd positively sparkling with the intoxicating excitement which absorbs Coldplay fans on the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour. I’ll admit, impatience drums against my ribs as a support act (La Havas) is all that stands between me and four of my favourite musicians.

llh_shot05_162La Havas walks out, radiantly smiling, strumming a guitar. The anticipation is overwhelming, every fibre of me burns with four years of longing for Coldplay to perform in Melbourne. My attention lingers only fleetingly on the stage. La Havas suddenly opens her mouth to sing and the first few bars of powerful melody wash over me. Everyone is still; the collective hush of 50,000 people deafeningly loud. It takes a full minute before I realise my eyes are closed, my impatience abandoned as I surrender myself to the depth of her voice. There’s something visceral and profoundly expressive about her music.

Not only is she an extraordinary guitarist and vocalist, but she’s cheeky, open and warm. Her overwhelming gratitude to the audience and to Coldplay was utterly authentic and won the hearts of Etihad Stadium last night. 

If you’re a fan of R&B, soul or just want to relax, do yourself a favour and check out her latest album, Blood. 

(And yes, maybe I cried when Coldplay came on stage. But hey? Who can blame me, they were AMAZING!)


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  1. Katherine you have written beautifully. This is a moment in time. Music will always transport the listener to another world… hopefully a better world. It would be wonderful if it could end wars, jealousy, envy and greed. Your writing will sustain you and reach out to readers. Lots of Love Gma xxx

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