Lady Gagas’ Joanne: sexy, soulful and fresh


csao6pdweaukb1vJoanne is tangible, the kind of music you feel reverberating through your core. Everything about it is extraordinary; the vocals, the guests (such as Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine), and the audacious, unapologetic step Gaga has taken to delve into the new. 

There’s soul, pop, folk and even the occasional country lilt. Of course there are elements of classic Gaga such as ‘Dancin’ in Circles’, quintessentially sexy and dramatic. ‘Angel Down’ is a haunting tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, crafted wistfully but well. Then there’s the gorgeous harmonies of ‘Million Reasons’, which, incidentally, are also superbly highlighted on James Corden’s latest carpool karaoke. 

The album is versatile, bold and different, yet it remains authentically Lady Gaga. Debate as to which pop icons are her inspiration is common, but futile. Gaga is trying to be no one else. Perhaps she is more mature and raw than previously, but she is herself. And I applaud her for it. 



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