What’s your ultimate study playlist?

You sit down to study. You open your books, write for a minute and then open your laptop. Two hours and six youtube videos featuring cartoon potatoes later, you realise you’ve accomplished nothing except an appetite for carbs…

Well, maybe you don’t procrastinate to the, erm, extreme that I do, but everybody finds it a little difficult to focus right? It’s exam time and I want to know if there is a study playlist out there that helps you concentrate, keeps you calm and on track. Some people study better without music, but others love it and I think I fall into the latter category.

Comment below with some of your favourite study songs/albums/genres and help me form the ultimate study playlist! 


2 thoughts on “What’s your ultimate study playlist?

Add yours

    1. I have to admit, I find myself doing the same thing! Perhaps I’d be better off separating the two, although I’m still curious to see if there is music out there which helps people focus. Thanks for sharing your perspective 🙂

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