You need to hear Christine and the Queens’ latest album tout de suite

christine-and-the-queens_750Emotional, intimate and unique, the self-titled LP sparkles with electric appeal. Heloïse Letissier (otherwise known as Christine and the Queens) is a French singer/songwriter who is now taking anglophone audiences by storm. Her new work features a stirring mix of French and English as she eloquently tackles issues of gender and identity.

Despite the weight of the content, the music is crafted to uplift. ‘Nuit 17 à 52’ is hauntingly beautiful, while ‘Tilted’ and ‘iT’ are upbeat. The album caters for a myriad of moods and undoubtedly suits each listener differently.

Christine reminds us that it’s ok to push the boundaries and be proud of our individuality. Although a little corny, in today’s hypercritical society a reminder doesn’t hurt.



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