Let’s RUNK. & Roll Baby

Four-piece outfit RUNK. is blazing across Victoria, leaving a hectic blend of funk-infused rock, rap and punk in their wake. With two killer EP's under their belt, and debut single 'Speed Dealer Sunnies' hitting #6 on the triple j Unearthed charts, their tour is one you don't wanna miss. The South-West Victorian lads deliver a... Continue Reading →


Everything I Thought I’d Never Write About Kanye West…

Kanye West is one of the most reckless, talented and dynamic people on the planet. A man with millions of fans worldwide. And I'm not one of them. Or at least, I wasn't. Pressing play on Kanye West's Graduation, my friend looked up and said, "This is the first album I ever bought with my own money." "You... Continue Reading →

Introducing Royal East: An Indie Rock Band Making Regal Tunes….

I never thought I'd admit to having a 'fangirl moment' on twitter. But blimey, if I'd never had the textbook 140 character fangirl over a band, I never would have stumbled across indie rock band, Royal East. And boy, would I have been missing out. So just this once, I'll own it; I had a fangirl moment. And... Continue Reading →


Indie/Folk Artist Rachel Caddy Talks Her Sparkling First Single: Blue Sky Soda Stream

Do you ever have those unprecedented moments of indestructible joy? When dizzying happiness speeds through your veins like adrenaline and you can't quite explain it?  Even though these moments are few and far between, Victorian Indie/Folk artist Rachel Caddy has captured their essence in her very first single; 'Blue Sky Soda Stream'. With a distinctive... Continue Reading →


Introducing Charm of Finches – An Incredible Dream Folk Duo From Melbourne

If you've been to a Folk/Celtic festival in Victoria this year, chances are you've already heard the utterly sublime harmonies that define Charm of Finches. The Melbourne based sister duo, Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, don't simply make music - they craft it. With a folk flavour reminiscent of First Aid Kit, the girls use their gorgeous vocal... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk Melodrama

Here it is. Melodrama. It's a cathartic patchwork of sound, an intoxicating mix of styles blended into something unique and extraordinary and quintessentially Lorde. If adolescence was an album, this would be it. Melodrama is so many things at once; a snapshot of a house party, a candid portrayal of self acceptance - and let's face it, a... Continue Reading →


Distracted By Pink Talk Their First Single, Ultimate Post-Gig Bevs And More…

Get set, because Melbournes' freshest pop-punk band are as hilarious as they are talented. With a sound driven by iconic influences like Green Day and Blink-182, you'll find yourself reliving your favourite 2000's vibes with a sprinkle of 2017 maturity. A particularly awesome aspect of the band is their laid-back approach to life; they're driven... Continue Reading →


The Post I Thought I’d Never Write: Harry Styles Dropped His Album And It’s Freaking Awesome

Let's get one thing straight. I don't like Harry Styles. Sure, I respect him as an artist, but his 'style' (forgive me) just isn't my thing. His album release came and went and I totally ignored it. Judging him before it hit the air, I tossed the new album into my mental trash file and... Continue Reading →


The Best-Kept Secret In Modern Rock

Far. Out A few weeks ago, I was elbow deep in dirty dishes, chatting to a co-worker about music (what me? never!) and I asked him about his favourite band. He glanced at me and I could tell what he was thinking; I wouldn't have a clue. Naturally, I raised an eyebrow and told him... Continue Reading →



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