How A Case Of ’00s Nostalgia Helped Me Find Rad Rock Band, Aranda

It started the way things often do, in my case. With Spotify and a cup of coffee. When I stumbled upon Aranda, I was in a total '00s mood. I'm talking a watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie and dancing to Kelly Clarkson kind of mood. Don't worry, it didn't extend to fashion; I won't start rocking a velour... Continue Reading →


Meet Retro Pop Babe, ILUKA

In Indigenous language, 'Iluka' means by the sea. Like a wave, retro pop singer ILUKA is swirling into Melbourne ahead of her Ritual tour. And trust me, you don't want to miss the boat. Describing her style as, "Fiery, defiant and upbeat," ILUKA says you'll love her music if you love, "Stardust and outer space, fireworks and disco... Continue Reading →

Let’s RUNK. & Roll Baby

Four-piece outfit RUNK. is blazing across Victoria, leaving a hectic blend of funk-infused rock, rap and punk in their wake. With two killer EP's under their belt, and debut single 'Speed Dealer Sunnies' hitting #6 on the triple j Unearthed charts, their tour is one you don't wanna miss. The South-West Victorian lads deliver a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Melodrama

Here it is. Melodrama. It's a cathartic patchwork of sound, an intoxicating mix of styles blended into something unique and extraordinary and quintessentially Lorde. If adolescence was an album, this would be it. Melodrama is so many things at once; a snapshot of a house party, a candid portrayal of self acceptance - and let's face it, a... Continue Reading →

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